Symphony Barcode Duplicator / Creator

(barcode duplicator)
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This is designed to work with Symphony barcodes: a star at either end of the barcode is automatically inserted to make it work with TAFE systems. Non-numeric characters will be ignored in the barcode.

Do not use this with Internet Explorer. Use Chrome, or Edge; or possibly Firefox. Test, that the printed-out barcodes scan with the TAFE scanner, as you go.

You can paste in the barcodes and numbers from the excel spreadsheet:
From in excel, copy 1 column by selecting vertically down with the mouse. You can also copy multiple columns - see below.

The barcodes will be printed in the same order as they are put into the text box. Barcodes may be input by keyboard (press enter between barcodes) or by barcode reader. See below if you want a short text label to appear on top of the barcode.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Manually setting a label to appear at top of barcode
    On the same line as the barcode number, put in a dash ("-"). Write text to appear above the barcode. Press submit.
    Sample = 123456-text
  2. Pasting from excel – numbers only
    Select the numbers in the excel file by column or row. Copy. Paste. Press submit. Printed barcodes will be in same order.
  3. Pasting from excel – 1 column of numbers plus one column of text for label
    Arrange columns so that the numbers for the barcodes appear directly to the left of the text for the labels. Select just the two columns (number and text). Paste. Press submit. Printed barcodes will have the text appear above the barcode. [could be useful for BCA reports]